Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anders Breivik Might Have Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

This is only my theory based upon education, observation and a little research. Qualified Psychiatrists, which I am not, no doubt should weigh in but I hope they will consider this possible disorder before coming to their final pronouncements.

So far the police officers and lawyer who've met and talked with Breivik came away from their interactions with him with the conviction that he is absolutely insane. But they do not understand the significance of the symptomatic behavior he has exhibited.
Breivik actions and personality reminded me of something I came across while memorizing the DSM in school and so I examined current descriptions of the disorder. That disorder is Schizotypal Personality Disorder. Every medical and psychiatric site has a slightly different description of it but it all fits Breivik to a T.

Odd beliefs - An early definition of this from years ago said people with this disorder often seem lucid but will relate things that cannot be true. Someone with this might go to the police and calmly and rationally insist that their neighbor is pointing a death ray at them, or that they have been abducted by a UFO. But in all other respects they seem perfectly mentally competent.

The police officers and lawyer were flummuxed by the sheer oddness of what he was saying to them (I don't know if it was the same as in his "manifesto").  Police all have experience with paranoid schizophrenics so would have realized pretty quickly that his cognition and perceptions were impared if they had been. But they didn't seem to be even though he was saying such odd things.

Extreme eccentricity- we all saw the photos and he spent god knows how long patching together that "manifesto".

Social avoidance- He took a year off to play video games. And have you noticed that there have been no friends comming forward to talk about him?

Odd manner of speech (I think this was described by police but am not sure. I think they did discuss his general extreme oddness aside from his beliefs).

Paranoia (bingo) yet not full blown paranoid schizophrenia with attendant breakdown of congnitive functions. If you have ever had the distinct discomfort of talking to a paranoid schizophrenic they at first seem insistant about something , then you think you are having trouble following what they are saying, then you realize it is in fact a stream of conciousness where one sentance is leading to another with no actual connected narrative. In contrast Breivik was saying extremely odd things but in a coherent way.

Chance of degredation into schizophrenia, that may be what changed him from being a quiet loner into a violent pscyhopath. He may have started on his way to full blown paranoid schizophnrenia yet still have worldly competance.

Chance of violent psychotic attacks. Nothing needs to be said.

Conversly he does not appear to conform to the definition of Narcissism.

Such people require constant POSITIVE reactions and ONLY POSITIVE reactions (hysterionics require any reaction). Breivik did not expect a positive responce for his act.

They brag about themselvs and are envious so constantly PUT EVERYONE else down. Breivik expresses admiration for Al Quida of all things, just the sort of nemisis a narcissist would need to belittle. (caevat: he does put down the EDL people who were doing far more then he ever did).

Such people interact with others in order to manipulate and exploit them. It doesn't seem like Breivik, who didn't appear to actually have any social life whatsoever. Not even people who hate him. Which there would be if he was a narcissist. Though people might yet come forward, the press hasn't appeared to find anyone.

I am not saying he is not responsible for and does not understand the consequences of his actions. I am not saying he is deserving of an insanity plea. There are all sorts of disorders where the person is fully lucid and competant and understands the results of their actions.

Here is a video of a psychiatrist describing Schizotypal Personality Disorder. See if it reminds you of Breivik.

Schizotypal Personality Disorder

You should also find on that page a vid of this psychiatrist describing narcissism.

UPDATE: The Psychiatrists who examined him concluded that he has Paranoid Schizophrenia and was Psychotic during the mass murder. The assessment is was published in english and is fascinating reading. The comments below it also bear reading but are more technical. Psychiatric assessments are not written in stone but these were working experts who had direct access to Anders Breivik so their conclusions should be taken with far less salt than mine.

As far as that highly innacurate assesment that he is a Narcissist that was bandied about by a psychiatrist on the TV news- the assessment does discuss his lack of empathy regarding the victims and their families but at no time say he is Narcissistic. They say that symptoms of his paranoid schizophrenia have to be noticiably absent for a period of time before his underlying personality can even be assessed. So it is far too soon to say he has any personality disorder at all, let alone what it might be.

Schizotypal Personality Disorder is on the Schizophrenia scale so isn't really a personality disorder per se despite it's name - So my assessment that he could have had SPD which turned into Paranoid Schizophrenia is still an acceptable interpretation - though it's possible that it was paranoid schizophrenia without previously being SPD.

Forensic psychiatric statement — Anders Behring Breivik

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shooters, Bombers and Pedos, Oh My!

Naser Abdo, the failed next Fort Hood jihadist, was found with child pornography on his computer. Why do so many Islamic terrorists have child porn on their computers?

They could be perverts or it could be propoganda to discredit them. Or it could be for another reason...

With what we know of the general islamic obsession with "purety" and the erotic associations with innocnece and youth, does make it plausable that an extremely intensified indoctrination in the belief system might cause this sort of perversion. Especially with terrorists because they are fighting to make the world "pure" and expect the "holy" reward of sexual gratification from virgins and pure young boys.

I'm not saying it's the normal relationship with the religion that could cause this. Rather it is the far more intense indoctrination terrorists recieve that might cause this obsession to develop.


When doing a search about terrorists and child pornography I VERY QUICKLY found mention of digital Steganography.

Stegonography is hiding information within other information. Like using the first letter of each word in a message to express the true message of a letter. Or using lemon juice to write a message.

Digital Steganography is the concealment of information within computer files such as a document file, email or IMAGE file (also executables).  You use software to hide the message in the data file and the reciever uses software to extract that message. The Sept 11 plotters used steganography to communicate with each other. The simplest method to detect modified files is to use software to compare them to known originals.

People have posited that terrorists hide messages inside chld pornography and transfer the images via child pornography sites. There are 4 benifits to this:

1. Pedo sites are clandestine operations already. And if they get busted it's no skin off the terrorists nose as they are just piggy backing on the operation.

2. The scumbags running those sites won't call the police on them even if they do suspect their illegal site is being exploited by terrorists.

3. The shocking content of the images is perfect cover - it is so shocking people won't think to examine them for hidden content.

4. It would probably be harder to find original files of child pornography images with which to compare original and modified.

So the two reasons are:

An intensified indoctrination in Islam coupled with the belief that ones soon to be achieved eternal reward will involve lots of sex with virgins and young boys can create a desire for child pornography.

The other is that there are messages hidden in the images.

Though, considering the prevalence of concept of duality in Islamic culture it could also be both at the same time. Messages could be hidden in the child pornography to make them an extra little "perk". This "perk" might be able to then serve as reinforcement (of some sort) of the intensified belief system to remote terrorists who are not in direct contact with the indoctrinators.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Put Them All In Internment Camps? Not So Fast...

I occasionally read or hear comments made by a few fed up angry people suggesting that all muslims be put in internment camps. This is very rare and spoken in anger and I'm sure regretted very soon after.

I can't address the feelings involved in such statments as I am a guy and we don't have feelings. But let's look at why this is a very bad idea for practical reasons.

One reason is pure American vanity. Nobody will ever tire of holding the internment of the Japanese against us, particularly to assuage their own feelings of residual cultural guilt from that time. I don't want our country to do something else that we will have to apologize for over and over again forever without ever getting actual concrete forgiveness. It's just another pain in the neck I don't want.

More importantly internment camps would have the exact oppisite effect we would intend to get from them. If such a thing ever did happen- The agitators would continue to work within these camps to make everyone in those internment camps radical. They would have a captive audience AND one that was made far more suseptable to their message.  Maybe 5% would be sympathetic to radicals going in but 60% would be sympathetic coming out.

Our country would then be as filled with these vicious psychos as is the rest of the world.

It is both ethically wrong and tactically wrong headed.

The federalis have been pretty successfull and lucky at stopping these attacks so far. They just need to enforce anti sedition laws to boot out or jail the muslim brotherhood affiliated groups at work here. And we need to work as hard as possible in the ways we are able to make people motivated to put pressure on them to do so.

Many states have developed anti sharia legislation. That means groups like SIOA have been effective and the right people have been listening. That is precisely why these anti"fa" type dupes have gotten nastier.  And they ain't anti-fa they are pro-fa. Especially PRO because we all know the ones at the top are getting payed big time to hire out their members like Angolan war mercenaries.

There may or may not yet be a light at the end of the tunnel but there will always be one where we decide to make a stand. The more of us there are, the brighter that light.

Brighter and brighter untill we won't even need an end of the tunnel because the tunnel itelf will be blasted apart.

We don't need to put anyone in internment camps.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Are We In A World War? Yup.

Many are saying we are in a world war. But is that an exaggeration?

WWII was fought on many fronts against a unified enemy bent upon world domination. Despite their transparently mendacious propaganda, Islamic supremacists are fighting to create a world straddling Caliphate, which in turn will seek to dominate and conquer the rest of the world, creating a world where muslim men are first class and everyone else is subordinate. But are they just a handful of resentful cranks operating in a few countries? NOPE.

I just looked at the 2010 list of islamic inspired attacks across the world.
Here are the countries that had islamic "religious" inspired attacks in 2010. Where a country was only listed once I specified the attack. Not very many were listed only once. Even the countries we don’t think of as having a jihad problem and the little or new countries on this list that you would be excused for having never heard of before have had several attacks.

Canada (honor killing)
DRC (congo)
France (jewish man stabbed in neck by muslim yelling about zionist conspiracy) (An actress-playwright is doused with petrol and nearly set on fire by three Algerians angered by her negative portrayal of Muslim men.)
GERMANY (2 jewish women and 1 man are brutally beaten after their identity is confirmed by muslims)
ITALY (2 in an honor killing)
Mali (a pensioner is taken prisoner by alquida and killed)
Niger (not nigeria) Five members of a border patrol lose their lives to an al-Qaeda ambush.
Nigeria (over 500 christians killed and 600 wounded in a 2 day rampage, and that was not the only attack in Nigeria that year. A similar rampage this year took the lives of over 300 christians)
Pakistan Aside from the military violence shia pilgrims are always bombed by sunnis during their religious festivals. Every year.
Pal. Auth. (gaza) 62 yr old woman murdered outside her home by islamic fundamentalists.
Saudi Arabia Four British cyclists deliberately run down by drivers in two cars. A 54-year-old humanitarian worker dies from injuries in that attack.
Turkey (honor killing (arrest))
Uganda (76killed 65 more wounded and maybe killed for watching the world cup)
Ukraine (A Muslim fanatic yells ‘Allah Akbar’ as he stabs a 5-year-old boy to death.)
USA (honor killing over islamic dress)

Just over 9000 civilians were targeted and murderd in these countries in 2010. Around 8,000 in 2009, The state dept says around 10,000 in 2007 and 2008. Furthermore there are many listed as critically wounded who die later from their wounds but cannot be kept track of by the website AND they cannot keep track of places where the worst is happening like The Sudan so the real numbers are undenialbly far far higher. This isn't just a world war. It is a very real genocide against non muslims all across the planet - just not with the industrial capabilities that the Nazis had.

These are not small groups of likeminded nutjobs. Every single jihadi who participates in these atrocities is given orders thru a chain of command and every manner of support required by a large network of "innocent" civilians.

As for the fact that some of these people were muslim- Shia and Sunni do not consider each other to be muslim and are allowed to treat each other as they treat the rest of us sub human kufars.

I heartily recommend you follow the link, study the information and draw your own conclusions, especially because they will be different from mine.

Not counting countries that only experienced honor killings, the number for 2010 is somewhere around 40 countries.

That’s a world war alright.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A damning Indictment of Muhammad

I am not usually interested in religion, only the imperialist crimes commited against humanity in it's name. But this is the most comprehensive yet concise list of Muhammads crimes against humanity and its standards of ethics and morality (and decorum) I have yet read. If all this stuff is true he was nothing short of a lunatic. And here's the kicker- It is all taken directly from the Koran, Hadith and Sira. The author shows original sources and their translations for every single point he makes.

I do not personally endorse the christian stuff in the piece but it does show quite effectively the contrast between the teachings of both men.

The argument is that Islam says Muhammad is the standard for morality and behavior by which muslims must guide themselves. Unfortunately Muhammad was a mass murderer, tourturer, adulterer (you know, that thing muslim women are still executed for), predatory pederast upon both female and male children, bandit, transvestite, homosexual (you know, that thing muslim men are still executed for - and have to seek asylum IN ISRAEL for), and big big big big big big fibber.

Of course most muslisms do not guide themeselves by this example and not all of them even know what sort of complete bastard and pervert Muhammad was. Very few who consider themselves muslim have actually read the koran in translation and very very few have read the other two central books. But the people who composed the islamic holy books sure did know.

Unfortunately everyone calling himself an Imam or islamic religious scholar has read these books and knows full well how foul an excuse for humanity Muhammad really was. That they can read those books and still follow the faith the man in those books proffessed is either the height of self delusion or the knowing embrace of evil - I do not propose that I have the authority to say which.

Anyhoozle: Here is the presentation- BE WARNED - there are photos of real decapitations early on.

Here is the excelent resource WikiIslam. Wikipedia has been compromised by cyber jihadists and so is no longer a reliable source of information on this subject.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey O'Reilley, Keep Your Venemous Pie Hole Shut About Our Right To Free Speech.

Here's the order of events that lead up to this post:

-Pastor Jones burned a Koran.

-Nobody cared.

-After about 10 days a bunch of bloothirsty savages decided that it was as good and excuse as any to start murdering people. (Not quite- the killings had specific purposes that had nothing to do with bullshit claims of hurt feelings)

-They created illusory mobs and peppered those mobs with hardened Taliban Butchers with specific orders to kill.

-While the mobs were creating the illusion of popular anger the Taliban Butchers committed the pre planned murders.

The killings in Pakistan were really about ethnic cleansing of christians from that country. The killings in Afganistan are really about ginning up anger at the forces that prevent the Talibans return to power. If Pastor Jones had not burned a koran the Imams would have made up a story about someone else burning a koran.

Several western commentators and leaders thought this was as good an excuse as any to disgrace themselves forever by betraying the first amendment of the constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by blaming Pastor Jones for the murders committed by other people on the other side of the world for unrelated reasons merely because those bloodthirsty savages used his action as a pathetically transparent pretext.

Recently Bill O'Reilley blamed Pastor Jones for the murder orgy being orchestrated on the other side of the planet.

Before blaming Pastor Jones for this Bill O'Reilley should have remembered he himself lives in a pico thin glass house crammed to the rafters with pitch plack pots.

Gee, Truthiocity, what ever do you mean by that? Let me explain:

O'Reilley incited people against one Dr. Tiller and presented information about the man's location to the public. Shortly after somebody went to Dr. Tiller's location and killed him. That is far worse than what he mistakenly accuses Pastor Jones of.

Pastor Jones expected protests like those over the Danish Motoons. He did not forsee that his act of defiance would be cynically exploited for political and military purposes. How could he have?

Seriously, have any of you ever thought someone would use your forum comment or youtube video or blog post as an excuse to kill 20 or more people in cold blood?


You would have to be insane to think any one thing you said could have such an effect.

There is no possible way Pastor Jones could have predicted his actions would be used as an excuse for a series of murders. Murders, I might add, that were entirely planned out and orchestrated not by random mobs but by hardened Taliban butchers. If anything Pastor Jones was too rational in his thinking.

O'Reilley on the other hand knew exactly what would happen if he puplished the location of somene he was railing against.

He should keep his venomous pie hole shut about Pastor Jones, and by extension, our, constutionally granted right to free speach.
There is another sinister factor. The OIC was recently successfull in mounting a putch against free speech at the UN concearning the criticism of religion. The OIC is currently SLIPSTREAMING behind these atrocities to give weight to this obscene attack against our right to free speech. They are trying to bully us into inhibiting the rights of expression of our own citizens in regards to the aggression many believe to be directly inspired by religous teachings for the furtherance of an anti democratic agenda.

An anti democratic agenda the results of which can be seen in every single country that is a member of the OIC. Could any of those places be mistaken for The Platonic Ideal of Utopia? Hells no.

The OIC arguement behind the anti defimation of religion nonsense is that if you criticize a religion it will lead directly to members of that religion being physically attacked. They are using the murder orgy in Pakistan and Afganistan as a specific example of what can happen if countries do not comply with the defamation of religion hog wash.

HOWEVER this series of murders is not the example the OIC would like it to seem. A religon was insulted- but the result was NOT members of that religion being killed. Rather it was the members of that religion who killed non members as a result. So it is absolutely not illustrative of the dangers of permitting the defamation of religion. It is, in fact, the perfect example of what happens when the right to free speech is not universally respected (ta-DAAA!).

The invasions of Afganistan and Iraq may or may not have been about defending our American way of life- BUT THIS BATTLE ABSOLUTELY IS. And so far Senator Graham and Bill O'Reilley have disgraced themselves by so quickly betraying the constitution (the benifits of which they have made full use of) and have given aid and comfort to the enemy by not standing behind Pastor Jones right to free speech.

Some say Pastor Jones was right and some say he was wrong. I DON'T CARE. Under our constitution he has the right to make whatever statements he likes. It is up to other people to agree or disagree. It is NOT up to other people to determine what he is allowed to say. And it is ABSOLUTLY NOT up to other people to decide to kill in responce.

Many people are right now thinking of ways to respond to this. I hope your responce will be to defend our constitution.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Claim That Muslim UN Workers are Denying Asylum to Non Muslims!!!

The OIC is not the only source of curruption at the UN. The infrastructure itself has become infested with ideologically commited Islamic Supremicists!

More proof that the UN has been handed over to the jackals. This is a travesty! I demand heads!

When non Muslims suffering from persecution in Muslim countries try to flee to neighboring countries Muslim office workers throw out their paperwork! When people complain the Muslims in authority refuse to approve the complaints. The result is that Muslims are actively denying persecuted Christians asylum in Europe while only granting it to fellow Muslims.

Muslim workers at the UN are actively complicit with Middle Eastern Muslims in the current genocide of Christians.

We demand that the asylum process of the UN be investigated for religious bias at once!

Here is the YouTube. It is only hearsay at this point but keep in mind that it's a nun who's buiding an orpanage that is speaking.

Sister Hatune - The persecutors are given refuge instead of the persecuted

Sister Hatune is not a anti Jihad Activist- here's her site where she is raising money for an orphanage- How many orphanages has Imam Rauf started?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Found Guilty. Of Not Being a Lawyer.

In Austria Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been found guilty of denigration of religion of an official state religion by saying Muhammad was a pedophile. The act is one thing and there are ways to label the act and the person who commits the act. The appellation of pedophile refers to a mental disorder. The judge said that because he maintained a relationship with the victim after she reached age 18 he must not have been a pedophile. Because of this, the judge said Ms Wolf denigrated an official state religion and fined her.

This is the quote from the judge:

"Paedophilia" is factually incorrect, since paedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. Nevertheless, it does not apply to Mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18. It is a "denigration of religious teachings"

Because he was still married to her at age 18?

If a pedo used that defence do you think that judge would find him innocent? NO!

Furthermore if a dirty pedo only molests on Tuesdays he is still a dirty pedo the rest of the week too. He doesn’t all of a sudden become not a pedo for 6 days.

The judge is saying the crime was that Ms. Wolf convoluted the description of a perpetrator of a specific act with the term for the disorder which would most likely have caused the perpetrator to commit the act . So if Ms. Wolfe had said he was a child molester or serial child rapist but not said he was a pedophile then she would not have been found guilty of denigration of religion. That is what this ruling by this judge means.

So according to this ruling it is legal to scream from the rooftops in Austria that Muhammad was a child molester as long as you don’t make pronouncements upon his mental health that this judge disagrees with. Fair enough.

Child Molester sounds worse then pedo anyway, so Muhammad the Serial Child Molester it shall be.

It is the judge that is making an unqualified judgement in a subject matter she is not an expert in. It shows a misunderstanding not only of male sexuality but of islamic law.

By saying the man who willfully demanded to be given a child as a sexual partner and consummated his relationship before she reached puberty was not a pedophile, the judge is saying it is physically and mentally normal for a man to be capable of being sexually exited by a child. She is saying it is only cultural norms that prevent all men from desiring and being capable of having sex with children. As a man I find such an accusation unspeakably insulting. The judge not only willfully misunderstands the phenomenon of pedophilia, she shows she has absolutely no understanding of male sexuality. It is not normal to be able to be sexually aroused by a pre pubescent.

In order for him to have had sexual congress with a 6 to 9 year old little girl he would have to have had aberrant psychology. That he had an obsession with rape and sexual slavery is proof enough of some sort of sexual pathology though one more involving power. He obviously got pleasure from the domination of women. His lust for a child, as a physically small and unworldly being that could not defend itself from him fits into that particular pathology.

But the verdict betrays ignorance about religion in general and islam in particular. Zeus, Jesus, and Vishnu are mythical beings that are the central source of their religions. To say things unpleasant about them can denigrate their religions. Muhammad was a historical figure who promoted a religion but is not a deity in that religion and not a figure of spiritual worship or bestower of material or spiritual rewards. In fact to worship him would be one of the worst sins imaginable in Islam. Believing god has other deities as "partners" (such as Jesus), is called shirk, which is one of the worst sins in Islam.

So to say anything at all about his personal life, no matter how unpleasant or debatable is not denigration of the religion he started. Only a statement about the beliefs of that religion can be denigrating.

By saying Ms Wolf denigrated Islam by saying something about Muhammad, the judge committed one of the worst crimes in Islam and every single Islamic jurist knows this. She is saying Muhammad is the religion as much as Allah or the teachings and that is the exact islamic definition of shirk. The offence she committed is worse then the one Ms Wolff committed. Though as the judgment is in the Jihads favor no islamic jurist will be honest or careless with their own lives enough to say so publicly.

If you would like to know more about this travesty of justice and common sense here is a list of stories about it at Gates of Vienna up to feb 15 2011: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff at Gates of Vienna

UPDATE: Ms. Wolff Found Guilty! Of Not Being Guilty? Huh?

It has been reported at Gates of Vienna today that the accusation and verdict against Ms Wolff was because she said the exact opposite of what the Judge said Ms. Wolff said.


Ms. Wolf told people that you cannot call Muhammad a pedophile.

The judge used those statements to say that Ms Wolff called Muhammad a pedophile.

Let me repeat: Darg?

That is like accusing me of conspiracy to commit murder because I go around telling people it is illegal for them to murder.

Could it be that the judge misread the evidence?

No. The bitch lied. It's as simple as that.

She accused Ms Wolff of saying the opposite of what the evidence showed she said. Only after that did she split hairs over appropriate terminology. Perhaps that is why the lawyers for the prosecution kept mum so much during the trial. Perhaps they did not want to destroy their careers.

Those who actually respect the law in Austria should seek to get this judge removed from the bench, disbarred if appropriate and prosecuted for libel against Ms. Wolff.

Here is the story at Gates of Vienna. Judge for yourself if that judge used poor judgment.

Sentence First — Verdict Afterwards

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood Renounced Violence Decades Ago? In What Universe?

Mohamed ElBaradei, the now recognized leader of the democratic uprising in Egypt has just said the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced violence for forty years. On what planet has ElBaradei been living for the past forty years? Because it certainly hasn't been this one.

They have engadged in violence, their extensive propoganda is military in purpose and they take advantage of violence commited by groups they claim to not be connected to.

1. They have assassinated not one, but two Egyptian rulers.  Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha in 1948 and Anwar Sadat in 1981. I don't know where ElBaradei has been living, but on the planet where I live that's kind of a big deal.

And unless you've learned basic math in Egypt, 3 decades does not equal 4 decades. But that's just MB's "official" violence, because:

2. Groups split off from them before becoming violent precisely in order to allow them deniability. Does anyone remember the horrific Luxor massacre? al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya split with the Muslim Brother hood after the MB "renounced" violence. Members of Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya jumped the police at Luxor then hunted down and killed 58 tourists who hid among the ruins for hours before more soldiers arrived. And that's just one group that has "split off" from the MB before committing violence.

3. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. Have they been lobbing cupcakes and sunshine into Israel, instead of all those Qassam rockets as the media reports? And yesterday is not the same as forty years ago unless you do some pretty fancy quantum physics. It seems like a rocket science joke would be apt here but for the life of me I can't think of one.

4. Their current action plans for various countries call for the future use of violence after the subversion campaigns bare fruit. If an axe wielding lunatic is surrounded by dead bodies and saying he will kill people very soon but won't chop your head off right now if you let him in your house- is it safe to believe him?

5. In the last few days MB members have said publicly that they will go to war with Israel once they get power. Since when is warmongering the renunciation of violence?

6 Subversion is, though non violent, still an aggresive military tactic that goes back to Sun Tzu and the Romans. The purpose is to use propaganda techniques to attack the ideals and resolve of an enemy countries population and leaders untill they let your country have its way. The MB specializes in it and is engaged in a campaign of subversion in the United States for decades (yes that is exactly what your little darling is up to at those MSA meetings at school). Muslim Brotherhood documents released in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial prove this beyond doubt.

7. The MB makes use of the violence and extreme rhetoric of terrorist groups to deceptively present its oeratives and goals as moderate alternative even though they are just as radical. In these instances it's not an exact group committing specific violence but the MB is intentionally using it to further their goals.

8. They make use of the news grabbing violence and rhetoric of violent groups by making their advances quietly and under the radar. While we are distracted by one maniac battering down the front door, another is using lockpicks to sneak in the back.

9. These "moderates", claiming to be unrelated to the violent groups, nevertheless ask for concessions immediately after attacks, in a way that is just as coordinated as the attacks themselves in what security professionals refer to as "slipstreaming".

10. They have exactly the same goals of making the whole world submit to Shariah Law, the creation a single empire so as to be able wage offensive jihad (as if that "defensive" jihad nonsense wasn't obvious bullshit) thus turning the whole world into a place where muslim men are first class and everyone else has to eat shit.

When taking those things into account you cannot but conclude that The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quida et all are in fact one and the same.

It's exactly like a stoning. If you have witnessed the horror of one of those religiously sanctified murder orgies, no matter where the victim turns there is some blood crazed bastard throwing a rock at their head.

Islamic aggression on all levels is like that, whether it be a stoning, a gang rape or the UN Human Rights Council, It's always multiple sources cooperating like a predatory pack. And the Muslim Brotherhood is the pack leader.

Obama is sucking up to them right now because he thinks their triumph in Egypt is inevitable but since when is "just relax and try to enjoy it" been a better response to a rapist then kicking him in the nuts?

I hope that the white house and ElBaradei might really be thinking that once the Egyptian people have real democratic reforms and a better economic life their support for the MB will fade. Unfortunately that will take time and the MB are so adept at conspiracies that even allowing one of them to be elected dog catcher would be a huge mistake. (He'd probably just circumcise all the dogs and then train them to kill Copts)

Seriously, any Muslim Brotherhood member of government will conspire to give his group advantage and work towards non democratic Islamist control of the country in any legal and illegal way he can. If you give one of those guys an inch they will grab the whole ruler and try to cut your head off with it.

If Murburak had done his job and dealt with those assholes as thuroughly as he should have we would be viewing the past weeks events in Egypt with more enthusiasm and less trepidation.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration of the Conservative Movement

There is a battle roaring as I write this. Instead of the blast of mortar rounds we hear, it is the click clacking of keyboards and the susserations of whispers in the corridors of power.  It is being waged by boring, suit wearing, briefcase wielding people in boring ways so we can be forgiven for not being aware of it- BUT IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! One side wants to prevent the subversion and destruction of our country by the other side.

Frank Gaffney and Suhail Khan both members of a very influential conservative group I couldn't possibly give more of  a shit about are duke-ing it out.

On one side is Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington,
and instrumental in the development of the actually important Team B II Report, Shariah: The Threat To America. That report states that the Muslim Brotherhood is using a web of groups and agents of influence to subvert the United States.

On the other is Suhail Khan, a fucking snake.

Suhail Khan is a Muslim Brotherhood operative who has wormed his way into the corridors of conservative power in order to further the fascist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has done this by (among other things) subverting various anti terror initiatives and policies and engaging in acts specifically designed to split and nullify the Conservatives on the issues relating to Islam, Anti-Terror and National Defence. He is also using his position to try to stifle Frank Gaffney's attempts to bring his dark deeds to light.

The Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to make the whole world subject to Shariah Law. To do this they use agents of influence to to infiltrate any politically useful group in a target country weather it be left or right. Once in power these infiltrators use deception and political connections to make the target country more and more hardline Islamic.

It is a group started in Egypt in 1928 and now has operatives and organizations all over the world. In the United States these groups form a web identical in appearance to the web of groups the Soviets fielded in the US during the cold war. It has been proven in US courts that these groups are committed, despite any public statements they may make, to the destruction of the United States and the implementation of hardline Islamic rule.

They use the news attractive screaming mee-mees of Al Quida to further their own agenda. They try to present themselves to the government as a moderating counter influence to Al Quida but in fact have the EXACT same agenda. While Al Quida gets all our attention by pounding on our front door, the Muslim Brotherhood has been sneaking in the back door.

Many of these people have presented themselves as moderates in order to get influence with the US government but have been later proven to have ties to terror. Several people connected to these groups are in fact serving well deserved prison terms or have fled the country.

It's not Alex Jones paranoiac nwo nuttiness. All the info about this has been documented by real journalists working for respected news outlets and people with verifiable and extensive law enforcement, defence, and other government experience.

Subversion is not just anti pinko commie paranoia either. It has been a widely used military strategy for thousands of years. It was written of by Sun Tzu in the Art of War and was even used by the ancient Romans. The point of subversion is to crush the enemy's resistance thru deception and the sowing of confusion of the leaders and population. Instead of fighting them in a battlefield you fight them in their minds and perceptions and confuse and demoralize them so they cannot take decisive action. A very good example of it can be seen in the manipulations of Theodin by Wormtounge in the Lord of The Rings. There are many people who claim the soviets did this to western countries in various ways.

Here is the link to an article that delineates Khans maleficent deeds by Frank Gaffney, one of the guys in the fight. A lot of it appears to be boring or confusing but is actually very very alarming so please READ IT CAREFULLY.
Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations and the Conservative Movement

Here is the Team B II Report on Amazon - I don't get any money from this link and do not monetize this blog and there are lots of other legal ways to get a hold of it for free on the Internet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on Saudi Arabia's Clampdown on Free Speach

The news about NAZI GERMANY'S Saudi Arabia's clampdown on free speech on the Internet keeps getting worse. It turns out the rules are worse then the Saudis had previously said they would be.

- Non citizens cannot write about news (whatever the fuck that means).
-Chat room users are encouraged to register with the government.
-ALL electronic news sites must strictly abide by Islamic sharia law (you know, that system of jurisprudence that has a zillion different schools of interpretation).
-Electronic news sites must not compromise public order. (Whatever Muhammad's cock that means- probably whatever the Nazis Saudis want it to mean at any given time.)
-Mobile phone/smart phone content is included in these rules.
-All news bloggers to provide the Saudi Arabian government with detailed information on their hosting company. This could easily allow the Saudi Arabian government to block access to a particular website across domains or to even force hosting companies to take dissidents' websites offline.

And of course:

-ALL Saudi news blogs and electronic news sites are now required to include the call to Islam.

People will have to get a licence to operate a blog. If they break the rules above (and don't bribe the correct officials- it is a 3rd world country after all) they will have their sites taken down and refused permission to write on the Internet.

What this means is that ALL bloggers are now going to be strong armed into paying baksheesh to various Saudi Officials in order to keep their blogs going. I don't know about corruption in Saudi Arabia specifically but we all know about corruption in 3rd world (and especially arabic) countries. In many of those countries not only is it completely acceptable for bureaucrats to "feed at the troth", you are considered a fool for not doing so.
Here is the story from Jihadwatch about Neal Ungerleider's Story for Fast Company

Saudi Arabia to bloggers: Hey, guess what you're going to write about!

What I want to know is this. Will the internet group known as "Anonymous", who fought for Wikileaks and the freedom of information, chime in on this? It could be suspected that Julian Assange and "Anonymous" are really working for a foreign government or a group that is only anti American or anti capitalist. If they make their feelings known about this then we will know they are actually committed to their ideals. If they don't it will make me think that they are actually working for a foreign government and only paying lip service to the ideal of freedom of information.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saudi Arabia's Fascist Takeover of Blogging

Saudi Arabia has announced that anyone in Saudi Arabia who wants to e-publish in any way must have a licence from the Government. If you want to have a a blog, online newspaper, or similar form of electronic publishing  in Saudi Arabia you will specifically have to be a Saudi National, over 20, Hold a high school or higher qualification, be of good conduct and behaviour, and hold an appropriate licence given by the Ministry.

And remember this is what The OIC working to make these sorts of rules for the entire world. Lets take a look at what each of the "qualifications" really mean.

Have to be a Saudi National. Self explanatory. No sub human fernrers have the right to express themselves publicly. That means if you are one of the gazillion foreign workers treated like shit in Saudi Arabia you will no longer be allowed to tell people how shitty the Saudis treat foreigners.

Over 20. So even if you are Saudi you don't have the freedom to express yourself if you are not old enough. Talk about your nanny state.

Hold a high school or higher qualification. So any Saudi who is poor no longer has the right to free expression.

Be of Good Conduct and Behavior. WHAT THE FAT FLYING FUCK IS THIS CUNTING SHIT? That means you have to conform to an unspecified, subjective and arbitrary opinion of whichever random person is reviewing your licence application. Also you can't be a dirty faggot (not a "bottom" at least- they don't consider "tops" to be dirty fags- even their bigotry has double standards).

What it really means is that if you conform to everything else but say something the government doesn't like they will cook up a lie that you did something that is not of good conduct and behavior and deny you the right to free expression on the internet.

Furthermore unless they are different from every other bureaucrat in the shit eating third world they will use that threat to suck bribes out of everyone.

Must have a licence that is up for renewal every three years. If you say something they don't like (which is the ONLY actual rule though in typical muslim fashion it's poorly hidden behind a bunch of bullshit) they will revoke your licence and you won't be able to express yourself freely on the internet.

So the real rules are - 1) Don't say anything negative about Islam, Muhammad or life in Saudi Arabia or the government and 2) have enough cash on hand to pay a bribe.

The actual news piece is here: Saudi Arabia clamps down on Bloggers, News Sites, Others

Now If you are in Saudi Arabia you will have to send your story to another country to be e-published.

I guess we had better say whatever we want to say about Saudi Arabia now before it's illegal.

I love Wikileaks. But Please Don't Interfere With Our Next Election.

I tried to send this letter to Wikileaks but there isn't Email contact information on the Wikileaks site so I will post it here and mail modified versions of it to letters/opinion pages of newspapers.

It is Truthiocity's Official Policy that Wikileaks does Rock. Asange may or may not be a commie pinko semi-sorta-not really-but-at-least-we-got-the-rumor-out-there rapist. ( I and everyone else in the world seriously doubt that last one - the timely exposure of a targets supposed sexual activities/alcohol and drug use/sanity/cannibalism by, er, certain government bodies, has not been entirely unknown to have happened in the past. If he was a bloodthirsty psychopathic warlord or a tin pot fascist dictator it would be one thing. But he ain't- so it's in bad taste to pull this crap. )

It's absolutely hysterical to see right/conservative leaning sites calling for his head in one post and then saying "see? We were right about xxx because Wikilieaks confirms what we've been saying all along!"  I have taken advantage of their reporting on this blog to toot my own measly horn as well (see the post "I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart!" below).

All that being said,

It is my humble(ish) opinion that to release any leaks about American diplomatic or military matters during the Presidential Election would be damaging to the democratic process. It will put Mr. Asange and Wikileaks in the same boat as the people who illegally knocked African American voters off the voting rolls in 2000, the republican appointee judges who helped George Bush II steal the election of 2000, the Swifboaters of 2004, those who manipulated color alerts preceding the 2004 election and, those behind the manipulation of electronic voting machines in 2004 (don't you dare say it didn't happen). It will look like Wikileaks is attempting to manipulate an election.

Mr. Asange will no longer be able to claim any sort of impartiality or objectivity.

I am not arguing for any particular side. There is a Democratic president in the whitehouse now and cables about the current administration will damage a democratic candidate as revelations about the previous president would damage a republican candidate. Revelations about democratic and republican administrations both could cause general disaffection and lowered voter turn out in general and confirm assertions in many minds that Wikileaks is really an anti American operation of a foreign government.

The press and "commentators" will spend time discussing what Wikileaks intentions might be rather then discussing the candidates or issues.

In the heat of an election people may not realize that cables are what the government is saying to itself and can inform about the governments decision process but THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS FINAL DECISIONS on the subjects being discussed. A discussion on a subject incorporates information from many sources and opinions before a decision is made. I am sure Wikileaks knows this. I am sure most people know this. Unfortunately the leaks may not be presented that way when reported and "commented" on.

It would be very tempting to release something big a few days before a debate in order to influence what is discussed. It would be very tempting to release information that might affect the platforms of the candidates.

Of course drop a big one on day one after the election is decided or on day one of a new administration. but releasing revelations during the election would cause damage to the democratic process of the election itself.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Open Call For Vatican to Take More a More Active Role In Protecting the Lives of Christians Under Threat.

News has come to light that the Egypitan Police sent to guard the church in Alexandria removed themselves an hour before a car bomb was placed in front of that church. It is clear that muslim countries are only interested or capable of protecting their own citizens when those citizens are muslim. It thus falls to other entities to protect these non muslim citizens.

Christians are under physical attack in muslim countries now more then ever. Doesn't the Vatican have a dedicated police force called the Gendarme Corps of Vatican City State?  The Gendarme provide security, border control, and investigation. There is also The Swiss Guard, a small military force with the walls of Vatican City. The Vatican should send members of these forces to act as securtity when christian churches are under threat.

If they are not allowed into such countries officially then they should be sent covertly or as private security.

Statements from the Pope have no effect upon the actions of muslim countries.

If it was me I would just send them as private security contractors. If the vatican actually asks for permission then the muslim countries will just ask to build another mosque in Rome in return but then reneg on allowing the security detatchment to enter or actively hinder them once they are there.

Of course if there are Vatican supplied guards outside churches then the muslims will just stick to home invasions and murder on the street.

In any case the Vatican should be taking a more physical role in the protection of christians under attack in muslim countries.