Friday, May 20, 2011

A damning Indictment of Muhammad

I am not usually interested in religion, only the imperialist crimes commited against humanity in it's name. But this is the most comprehensive yet concise list of Muhammads crimes against humanity and its standards of ethics and morality (and decorum) I have yet read. If all this stuff is true he was nothing short of a lunatic. And here's the kicker- It is all taken directly from the Koran, Hadith and Sira. The author shows original sources and their translations for every single point he makes.

I do not personally endorse the christian stuff in the piece but it does show quite effectively the contrast between the teachings of both men.

The argument is that Islam says Muhammad is the standard for morality and behavior by which muslims must guide themselves. Unfortunately Muhammad was a mass murderer, tourturer, adulterer (you know, that thing muslim women are still executed for), predatory pederast upon both female and male children, bandit, transvestite, homosexual (you know, that thing muslim men are still executed for - and have to seek asylum IN ISRAEL for), and big big big big big big fibber.

Of course most muslisms do not guide themeselves by this example and not all of them even know what sort of complete bastard and pervert Muhammad was. Very few who consider themselves muslim have actually read the koran in translation and very very few have read the other two central books. But the people who composed the islamic holy books sure did know.

Unfortunately everyone calling himself an Imam or islamic religious scholar has read these books and knows full well how foul an excuse for humanity Muhammad really was. That they can read those books and still follow the faith the man in those books proffessed is either the height of self delusion or the knowing embrace of evil - I do not propose that I have the authority to say which.

Anyhoozle: Here is the presentation- BE WARNED - there are photos of real decapitations early on.

Here is the excelent resource WikiIslam. Wikipedia has been compromised by cyber jihadists and so is no longer a reliable source of information on this subject.

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