Monday, January 3, 2011

Open Call For Vatican to Take More a More Active Role In Protecting the Lives of Christians Under Threat.

News has come to light that the Egypitan Police sent to guard the church in Alexandria removed themselves an hour before a car bomb was placed in front of that church. It is clear that muslim countries are only interested or capable of protecting their own citizens when those citizens are muslim. It thus falls to other entities to protect these non muslim citizens.

Christians are under physical attack in muslim countries now more then ever. Doesn't the Vatican have a dedicated police force called the Gendarme Corps of Vatican City State?  The Gendarme provide security, border control, and investigation. There is also The Swiss Guard, a small military force with the walls of Vatican City. The Vatican should send members of these forces to act as securtity when christian churches are under threat.

If they are not allowed into such countries officially then they should be sent covertly or as private security.

Statements from the Pope have no effect upon the actions of muslim countries.

If it was me I would just send them as private security contractors. If the vatican actually asks for permission then the muslim countries will just ask to build another mosque in Rome in return but then reneg on allowing the security detatchment to enter or actively hinder them once they are there.

Of course if there are Vatican supplied guards outside churches then the muslims will just stick to home invasions and murder on the street.

In any case the Vatican should be taking a more physical role in the protection of christians under attack in muslim countries.

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