Friday, July 29, 2011

Shooters, Bombers and Pedos, Oh My!

Naser Abdo, the failed next Fort Hood jihadist, was found with child pornography on his computer. Why do so many Islamic terrorists have child porn on their computers?

They could be perverts or it could be propoganda to discredit them. Or it could be for another reason...

With what we know of the general islamic obsession with "purety" and the erotic associations with innocnece and youth, does make it plausable that an extremely intensified indoctrination in the belief system might cause this sort of perversion. Especially with terrorists because they are fighting to make the world "pure" and expect the "holy" reward of sexual gratification from virgins and pure young boys.

I'm not saying it's the normal relationship with the religion that could cause this. Rather it is the far more intense indoctrination terrorists recieve that might cause this obsession to develop.


When doing a search about terrorists and child pornography I VERY QUICKLY found mention of digital Steganography.

Stegonography is hiding information within other information. Like using the first letter of each word in a message to express the true message of a letter. Or using lemon juice to write a message.

Digital Steganography is the concealment of information within computer files such as a document file, email or IMAGE file (also executables).  You use software to hide the message in the data file and the reciever uses software to extract that message. The Sept 11 plotters used steganography to communicate with each other. The simplest method to detect modified files is to use software to compare them to known originals.

People have posited that terrorists hide messages inside chld pornography and transfer the images via child pornography sites. There are 4 benifits to this:

1. Pedo sites are clandestine operations already. And if they get busted it's no skin off the terrorists nose as they are just piggy backing on the operation.

2. The scumbags running those sites won't call the police on them even if they do suspect their illegal site is being exploited by terrorists.

3. The shocking content of the images is perfect cover - it is so shocking people won't think to examine them for hidden content.

4. It would probably be harder to find original files of child pornography images with which to compare original and modified.

So the two reasons are:

An intensified indoctrination in Islam coupled with the belief that ones soon to be achieved eternal reward will involve lots of sex with virgins and young boys can create a desire for child pornography.

The other is that there are messages hidden in the images.

Though, considering the prevalence of concept of duality in Islamic culture it could also be both at the same time. Messages could be hidden in the child pornography to make them an extra little "perk". This "perk" might be able to then serve as reinforcement (of some sort) of the intensified belief system to remote terrorists who are not in direct contact with the indoctrinators.

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