Monday, March 7, 2011

Claim That Muslim UN Workers are Denying Asylum to Non Muslims!!!

The OIC is not the only source of curruption at the UN. The infrastructure itself has become infested with ideologically commited Islamic Supremicists!

More proof that the UN has been handed over to the jackals. This is a travesty! I demand heads!

When non Muslims suffering from persecution in Muslim countries try to flee to neighboring countries Muslim office workers throw out their paperwork! When people complain the Muslims in authority refuse to approve the complaints. The result is that Muslims are actively denying persecuted Christians asylum in Europe while only granting it to fellow Muslims.

Muslim workers at the UN are actively complicit with Middle Eastern Muslims in the current genocide of Christians.

We demand that the asylum process of the UN be investigated for religious bias at once!

Here is the YouTube. It is only hearsay at this point but keep in mind that it's a nun who's buiding an orpanage that is speaking.

Sister Hatune - The persecutors are given refuge instead of the persecuted

Sister Hatune is not a anti Jihad Activist- here's her site where she is raising money for an orphanage- How many orphanages has Imam Rauf started?

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