Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey O'Reilley, Keep Your Venemous Pie Hole Shut About Our Right To Free Speech.

Here's the order of events that lead up to this post:

-Pastor Jones burned a Koran.

-Nobody cared.

-After about 10 days a bunch of bloothirsty savages decided that it was as good and excuse as any to start murdering people. (Not quite- the killings had specific purposes that had nothing to do with bullshit claims of hurt feelings)

-They created illusory mobs and peppered those mobs with hardened Taliban Butchers with specific orders to kill.

-While the mobs were creating the illusion of popular anger the Taliban Butchers committed the pre planned murders.

The killings in Pakistan were really about ethnic cleansing of christians from that country. The killings in Afganistan are really about ginning up anger at the forces that prevent the Talibans return to power. If Pastor Jones had not burned a koran the Imams would have made up a story about someone else burning a koran.

Several western commentators and leaders thought this was as good an excuse as any to disgrace themselves forever by betraying the first amendment of the constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by blaming Pastor Jones for the murders committed by other people on the other side of the world for unrelated reasons merely because those bloodthirsty savages used his action as a pathetically transparent pretext.

Recently Bill O'Reilley blamed Pastor Jones for the murder orgy being orchestrated on the other side of the planet.

Before blaming Pastor Jones for this Bill O'Reilley should have remembered he himself lives in a pico thin glass house crammed to the rafters with pitch plack pots.

Gee, Truthiocity, what ever do you mean by that? Let me explain:

O'Reilley incited people against one Dr. Tiller and presented information about the man's location to the public. Shortly after somebody went to Dr. Tiller's location and killed him. That is far worse than what he mistakenly accuses Pastor Jones of.

Pastor Jones expected protests like those over the Danish Motoons. He did not forsee that his act of defiance would be cynically exploited for political and military purposes. How could he have?

Seriously, have any of you ever thought someone would use your forum comment or youtube video or blog post as an excuse to kill 20 or more people in cold blood?


You would have to be insane to think any one thing you said could have such an effect.

There is no possible way Pastor Jones could have predicted his actions would be used as an excuse for a series of murders. Murders, I might add, that were entirely planned out and orchestrated not by random mobs but by hardened Taliban butchers. If anything Pastor Jones was too rational in his thinking.

O'Reilley on the other hand knew exactly what would happen if he puplished the location of somene he was railing against.

He should keep his venomous pie hole shut about Pastor Jones, and by extension, our, constutionally granted right to free speach.
There is another sinister factor. The OIC was recently successfull in mounting a putch against free speech at the UN concearning the criticism of religion. The OIC is currently SLIPSTREAMING behind these atrocities to give weight to this obscene attack against our right to free speech. They are trying to bully us into inhibiting the rights of expression of our own citizens in regards to the aggression many believe to be directly inspired by religous teachings for the furtherance of an anti democratic agenda.

An anti democratic agenda the results of which can be seen in every single country that is a member of the OIC. Could any of those places be mistaken for The Platonic Ideal of Utopia? Hells no.

The OIC arguement behind the anti defimation of religion nonsense is that if you criticize a religion it will lead directly to members of that religion being physically attacked. They are using the murder orgy in Pakistan and Afganistan as a specific example of what can happen if countries do not comply with the defamation of religion hog wash.

HOWEVER this series of murders is not the example the OIC would like it to seem. A religon was insulted- but the result was NOT members of that religion being killed. Rather it was the members of that religion who killed non members as a result. So it is absolutely not illustrative of the dangers of permitting the defamation of religion. It is, in fact, the perfect example of what happens when the right to free speech is not universally respected (ta-DAAA!).

The invasions of Afganistan and Iraq may or may not have been about defending our American way of life- BUT THIS BATTLE ABSOLUTELY IS. And so far Senator Graham and Bill O'Reilley have disgraced themselves by so quickly betraying the constitution (the benifits of which they have made full use of) and have given aid and comfort to the enemy by not standing behind Pastor Jones right to free speech.

Some say Pastor Jones was right and some say he was wrong. I DON'T CARE. Under our constitution he has the right to make whatever statements he likes. It is up to other people to agree or disagree. It is NOT up to other people to determine what he is allowed to say. And it is ABSOLUTLY NOT up to other people to decide to kill in responce.

Many people are right now thinking of ways to respond to this. I hope your responce will be to defend our constitution.

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