Friday, January 21, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration of the Conservative Movement

There is a battle roaring as I write this. Instead of the blast of mortar rounds we hear, it is the click clacking of keyboards and the susserations of whispers in the corridors of power.  It is being waged by boring, suit wearing, briefcase wielding people in boring ways so we can be forgiven for not being aware of it- BUT IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! One side wants to prevent the subversion and destruction of our country by the other side.

Frank Gaffney and Suhail Khan both members of a very influential conservative group I couldn't possibly give more of  a shit about are duke-ing it out.

On one side is Frank Gaffney, President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington,
and instrumental in the development of the actually important Team B II Report, Shariah: The Threat To America. That report states that the Muslim Brotherhood is using a web of groups and agents of influence to subvert the United States.

On the other is Suhail Khan, a fucking snake.

Suhail Khan is a Muslim Brotherhood operative who has wormed his way into the corridors of conservative power in order to further the fascist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has done this by (among other things) subverting various anti terror initiatives and policies and engaging in acts specifically designed to split and nullify the Conservatives on the issues relating to Islam, Anti-Terror and National Defence. He is also using his position to try to stifle Frank Gaffney's attempts to bring his dark deeds to light.

The Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to make the whole world subject to Shariah Law. To do this they use agents of influence to to infiltrate any politically useful group in a target country weather it be left or right. Once in power these infiltrators use deception and political connections to make the target country more and more hardline Islamic.

It is a group started in Egypt in 1928 and now has operatives and organizations all over the world. In the United States these groups form a web identical in appearance to the web of groups the Soviets fielded in the US during the cold war. It has been proven in US courts that these groups are committed, despite any public statements they may make, to the destruction of the United States and the implementation of hardline Islamic rule.

They use the news attractive screaming mee-mees of Al Quida to further their own agenda. They try to present themselves to the government as a moderating counter influence to Al Quida but in fact have the EXACT same agenda. While Al Quida gets all our attention by pounding on our front door, the Muslim Brotherhood has been sneaking in the back door.

Many of these people have presented themselves as moderates in order to get influence with the US government but have been later proven to have ties to terror. Several people connected to these groups are in fact serving well deserved prison terms or have fled the country.

It's not Alex Jones paranoiac nwo nuttiness. All the info about this has been documented by real journalists working for respected news outlets and people with verifiable and extensive law enforcement, defence, and other government experience.

Subversion is not just anti pinko commie paranoia either. It has been a widely used military strategy for thousands of years. It was written of by Sun Tzu in the Art of War and was even used by the ancient Romans. The point of subversion is to crush the enemy's resistance thru deception and the sowing of confusion of the leaders and population. Instead of fighting them in a battlefield you fight them in their minds and perceptions and confuse and demoralize them so they cannot take decisive action. A very good example of it can be seen in the manipulations of Theodin by Wormtounge in the Lord of The Rings. There are many people who claim the soviets did this to western countries in various ways.

Here is the link to an article that delineates Khans maleficent deeds by Frank Gaffney, one of the guys in the fight. A lot of it appears to be boring or confusing but is actually very very alarming so please READ IT CAREFULLY.
Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operations and the Conservative Movement

Here is the Team B II Report on Amazon - I don't get any money from this link and do not monetize this blog and there are lots of other legal ways to get a hold of it for free on the Internet.

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