Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saudi Arabia's Fascist Takeover of Blogging

Saudi Arabia has announced that anyone in Saudi Arabia who wants to e-publish in any way must have a licence from the Government. If you want to have a a blog, online newspaper, or similar form of electronic publishing  in Saudi Arabia you will specifically have to be a Saudi National, over 20, Hold a high school or higher qualification, be of good conduct and behaviour, and hold an appropriate licence given by the Ministry.

And remember this is what The OIC working to make these sorts of rules for the entire world. Lets take a look at what each of the "qualifications" really mean.

Have to be a Saudi National. Self explanatory. No sub human fernrers have the right to express themselves publicly. That means if you are one of the gazillion foreign workers treated like shit in Saudi Arabia you will no longer be allowed to tell people how shitty the Saudis treat foreigners.

Over 20. So even if you are Saudi you don't have the freedom to express yourself if you are not old enough. Talk about your nanny state.

Hold a high school or higher qualification. So any Saudi who is poor no longer has the right to free expression.

Be of Good Conduct and Behavior. WHAT THE FAT FLYING FUCK IS THIS CUNTING SHIT? That means you have to conform to an unspecified, subjective and arbitrary opinion of whichever random person is reviewing your licence application. Also you can't be a dirty faggot (not a "bottom" at least- they don't consider "tops" to be dirty fags- even their bigotry has double standards).

What it really means is that if you conform to everything else but say something the government doesn't like they will cook up a lie that you did something that is not of good conduct and behavior and deny you the right to free expression on the internet.

Furthermore unless they are different from every other bureaucrat in the shit eating third world they will use that threat to suck bribes out of everyone.

Must have a licence that is up for renewal every three years. If you say something they don't like (which is the ONLY actual rule though in typical muslim fashion it's poorly hidden behind a bunch of bullshit) they will revoke your licence and you won't be able to express yourself freely on the internet.

So the real rules are - 1) Don't say anything negative about Islam, Muhammad or life in Saudi Arabia or the government and 2) have enough cash on hand to pay a bribe.

The actual news piece is here: Saudi Arabia clamps down on Bloggers, News Sites, Others

Now If you are in Saudi Arabia you will have to send your story to another country to be e-published.

I guess we had better say whatever we want to say about Saudi Arabia now before it's illegal.

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