Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is a Site Supposedly about Veterans a Cover for Jew Bashing and Israel Bashing Propoganda?

While looking online for info about current numbers of artists who identify as muslim I found this

As it is sooo egregious I thought I'd better bring it to my readers attention.

"VETERANS TODAY HAS BEEN REQUESTED TO PUBLISH THE FOLLOWING DECLARATION:" It is a list of people with a lot of Phds who supposedly endorse the statement that No Muslims were involved in 9/11. Which the website, supposedly devoted to American Veteran's issues, dutifully published.

If you enjoy vomiting in rage here is the link to the "declaration":

It is on a website called Veterans Today. It is posing as a website by and for Veterans but if you look on the main page it becomes quickly obvious that it is really an anti Isreal-pro Hamas propoganda rag. Below a few window dressing veterans interest stories almost all of the articles are about bashing Isreal and Jews.

Just a few of the articles on the main page were:
There are articles about an Isreali serial killer.
Israeli War Crimes Ads Banned in Seattle‏ that mentions Atlas Shrugged's Seattle bus campagn. (Why would veterans care about that?)
an article on the Second Annaversary of Isreal's "brutal assault on Gaza" (my quotes).

At the top of the "living section" is an article bemoaning how "our" country has aided in the slaughter of palestinians. (what does that have to do with a lifestyle section?)

In history is an article about the origin of the word goy and the sentence that just happens to be under the title is someone saying "the goyem were born to serve us".  (An interesting choice considering there is 3000 years of military history to choose subject matter from.)

These articles are all on the main page. I did not have to search thru the site to find them.
Get a load of this filth:

If anyone knows which veterans groups would be interested in these people spouting propoganda in their name please forward this information to them. I will look for some as of this minute don't know any.

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