Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who are the violent protestors?

If you have heard reports about the mild violence at EDL protests in England look at the vid linked to at the bottom of this post.

First of all actual fighting only starts when large gangs of muslims attack those who are having a legal demonstration.

A few EDL and Stop Islamization of Europe people were going to protest at a Mosque in Harrow England. In responce a thousand muslims converged on Harrow. When only a few protestors showed up and were quickly removed by police the muslims ran amok, attacking police, the press and innocent bystanders. If you watch the video you will see projectiles thrown and hear car windows being smashed.

It was a calculated show of violence and intimidation to make protestors and police afraid to allow future protests against Islamic supremasists. When you hear negative things about people standing up to Islamic Supremacists in Europe and America remember this video.

Here is the vid  Muslims attack bystanders and press at Harrow 11/09/09

And this one of a london protest in 2009 Islamists rioting in London - 2009 Palestine protests

It was a vid made by a Pro Hamas protestor and cannot be refuted. They chased the police and called them faggots, pussys, cowards, and kufars while throwing missiles at them and laughing. There can be no doubt they were trying to instigate violence while at the same time their strategists knew the police wouldn't actually fight back if the physical violence was only ratcheted up to a certain point. The other intent was to make the government afraid to do things in future that would cause events like this. They said it was about palestine but you can see from their strategy that they were full of shit. They were trying to make it like the anti cartoon riots. A threat that can be used in future to intimidate the government.

At one point bunch of them gang up on a police officer and when other police come to his rescue the muslims shout "Racist Cops! Racist Cops!" This is a specific strategy they use in confrontations in the west and like much Islamist trickery it has been thought out by their experts and has multiple intimidation purposes at the same time. It's always done when the person they are attacking responds or stands up to them. It makes the victim pause, it switches the identifications of agressor and victim in order to set up a confusion loop so the thinking and responce of the real victim will be hindered. It also makes the police afraid to respond in case camera footage will be manipulated to make them look racist and further inflame the radicals.

Think I'm Lying? Look here Homophobic Harassment During Gay Pride

In this vomitous display some American gay men were coming from a pride march in minnesota. A local "moderate and All American" mosque was holding an anti gay rally. As they passed it these muslim kids were sicced on them in a large group.  The kids followed them yelled out cries from thier anti gay demonstration called them names and threw things at them. When one of the men responds with "you have problems" the gutter scum immediately squeal "what did you say about black people? RACISTS! RACISTS!". It's the same evil tactic we have evidence of on both sides of the Atlantic and the kids were obviously instructed to do it by someone. If you listen carefully you will never hear their victims say anything other then "you have problems".

Note that these are children the organizers sicced on grown men. If the guys had physically defended themselves the muslim protestors story would have been "Adult White Men Commit Hate Crime Against innocent Muslim Children." And don't you think for a second they wouldn't. Muslims ALWAYS use the victimization of their children for propoganda. If the victims don't respond the muslim story is "see how afraid of us they are" and if they do it's "look how those horrible Americans beat up our innocent children".They used an act of aggression in a (failed) attempt to perpetuate the narrative of victimhood and to incite more muslim violence. That's what this video is really about and why it's significant.

Also note that in vids like this muslims always pick people they think are incapable of defending themselves - just like Nazi thugs did before the war. It is cowardess disguised as strength. Fortunately these guys were smart and civilized in how they treated the situation.

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