Tuesday, September 21, 2010

England Enforces Pure Sharia. Muslims are allowed to do what the English cannot.

It's all there in Muhammad's Trilogy of Terror (The Koran, the Hadith and the Sira). More rights for muslims then for non muslims.

Vlad Teppes posted a pair of videos at his blog that can be seen on youtube. The first is of a man being stopped by a police officer, who may or may not be muslim, from burning a Koran. He is admonished that he can be "done" for inciting racial hatred. Which race was the cop talking about? Moroccan? Lybian? Saudi Arabian? Pakistani? Thai? Malaysian? Indonesian? If Muslim is a race then so are American and English as both those groups are composed of people of different races.

A small ways away a group of muslims, surrounded by their ennablers in the press, chant "Queen and Country go to hell" while they burn an American flag. Why aren't they arrested? If Islam, a religion of many races, is now legally a race in England then so is American and British and the muslim flag burners HAVE TO BE ARRESTED FOR INCITING RACIAL HATRED of Americans and British. It's all there on video.

I've seen both posts previously and commented extensively on youtube but Vlad made a post about it first so I will link to him rather then copy him. Vlad Teppes UK police stop people from burning a page of Koran while American and UK flags burn

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