Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Response to Imam Rauf Exposed: Off Mic

I just saw the youtube vid Imam Rauf Exposed: Off mic and had a lot to say.

It doesn't show him to be a sinister nazi creep as people were posting. It did show that he is far more interested in political strategy then religion. To this end he fosters relationships with powerfull people in order to use them in his machinations. He is also interested in altering public perception. Fine and dandy for a political but a bit much for a simple Imam.

Is this how the pro rally that was organized by a former attorney general and comprising several socialist groups was organized? Did Rauf and The Cordobists (nice one, eh?) develop relations with socialist groups or with people who could deploy socialist groups so they could be put into action with signs decrying islamophobia and racism when needed? It sounds pretty tin hatty to me but listen to what he said and look at the pro mosque protest on 9/11/10.

The young socialists and other socialist groups are all nice, well meaning, sincere people who are legitimately concearned about racism and social fairness. HOWEVER I knew such groups back in my student days and it is very easy to manipulate and use them and get them to protest when you frame an issue correctly (and have cool hair - and if your clothes look like something a krautrock band would wear you're in like flint). Rauf here says he strategizes in terms of perception and makes connections with people to use them.

I saw advertisements before the protests calling for people to join the Pro protest framing the issue as one of racism against all muslims that would quickly turn into genocide. This would make the student socialists think it was important to protest and I say good for them for doing so. HOWEVER they were cynically used by people who know it's not about racism at all. For the organizer, a man who fields astroturf protests for a living, it was about a paycheck.

Like The Muslim Brotherhood and their student group the Muslim Student Association, he supports Hamas instead of the secular leaders in palestine. Saying that the US should engage them or it would drive them into engagement with Syria or Iran. A statement that is at once begging and threat. Kind of similar to his statement on Larry King that if we made him move his mosque then the radicals would attack Americans traveling abroad.

And Finally: Who are the "We" he talks about in the Cordoba Innitiative work? He is the one visible to the public but who are the hidden Cordobists and to what other groups have they belonged?

That sounds like McCarthyism, I know, BUT what people often fail to mention is that McCarthy was actually right. There had been a major Soviet campagn of influence and subversion in America. Except it had been in the 1930's and not the 1950's and those people had been found out and arrested. Soviets kept it up to a smaller degree all thruought the Cold War right up to the end of the Soviet Union. This isn't anti red hysteria - It's what ex Soviets and Soviet era documents have said after the Soviet Union was disbanded and before Putin got into power and started restricting access to archives again. It turned out that the Commo-phobics hadn't been so phobic after all.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quida are not the new "Red Meanace" boogeymen. They are people who have learned from history how to strategize. If a group used espionage and subversion techniques in the past you can bet your bippy that Al Quida and The Muslim Brotherhood know about it. And the web of Muslim Brotherhood groups in the US is exactly like the web of Soviet fielded groups in America during the Cold War. Both create multiple groups with members migrating between those groups in order to make them difficult to examine. Watch a youtube vid about it here The Muslim Students Association and the Jihad Network

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