Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more insight on the Muslim Brotherhood

An important point the memorandum cited says the muslim brotherhood wants to destroy america "by their hands" that means using american institutions to subvert america. The Muslim Student's Association is proven to be part of the subversion network.

Because this is CBN such reports can be dismissed as crying wolf or fear mongering. Notice though that the experts have worked with the US government and the material in this report is from the US government. It is a serious shame that too many liberal public interest groups get caught up in the disasterous political game of position. In the game of position politicals take the opposite side of the opposing party regardless of what they personally believe to be right, and then react.

Unindicted co conspiritor (like CAIR), means a group or person has been found by the government to be a part of a criminal conspiracy but the government hasn't gotten around to procecuting them yet.

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