Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Syrian Government was Involved in Motoon "Outrage".

I think the people who orchestrated the ginned up riots over the Motoons were just out for material rewards and didn't really give a crap about hurt muslim feelings.

I just read an illuminating article at Jihadwatch. Wikileaks released diplomatic cables showes that the US knew the Syian Government was involved in controlling the ginned up Motoons protests.

The Syrian Govenrment told the chief Imam to tell all other Imams to screach about the Motoons. There were then attacks on several embassies in Damascus in early February 2006. Embassies targeted included those of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Then the Syrian Government told him to tell them to stop.

At first this struck me as odd. I always thought Syria only acted in direct ways for their own local interests and didn't use Islam as a tool to expand influence like the Saudis do. Ya Ya I know about Hizbolla but that is directed at Lebanon and Isreal, not Europe. If they had a hand in the riots it had to be ONLY for their own political reasons in Arabia and Europe and not for some show of Islamic force.

Perhaps they probably did it to make a statement to other Arab/OIC countries that they are islamitically patriotic as they are and can be significant like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Or they were doing it in agreement with other Arab/OIC governments.

It is significant that it is revealed that it was the government that started the protests and not the religious leaders.

Which brings us to the Vocabulary word of the day: Slipstreaming.

I have only heard the term "Slipstreaming" once but it was used by a US government counter terrorism expert. After a terrorist attack, "moderate" muslims will stream out of the woodwork to make requests and demands from a victim government "to ease tensions between Muslims and non muslims".

It has been suggested that the current explosion of Muslim population in Europe started after a wave of terrorist attacks in the 60's. The same source said after Europian countries eased restrictions on immigration and gave Arab countries good trade deals the wave of terrorist attacks "in support of the palestinians" ended.

As the source of the Motoon protests was state rather then church, I would bet a bippy or two that Syrian diplomats slipstreamed on this to pressure EU countries for favorable trade deals.

So what I am saying is it is entirely possible that Syria made their people all upset over some cartoons but were really using those protests as a show of violent force as a diplomatic tool to get concessions form Europian countries and didn't really care about hurt muslim feelings.

Here is the original article from Jihadwatch I am commenting on:
Syria helped orchestrate 2006 Motoon riots

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