Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Organization of Islamic States is a Fraud

Gates of Vienna has posted an article that is astounding. During the 90's the oil rich states used, ahem, "influence" on 28 poor states that didn't have Islamic majorities (one has only a 1% Muslim population!!! 13,000 people!!!) to get them to join the OIC voting block at the UN. Without those muslim minority states the OIC wouldn't have significant influence at the UN. After they got the muslim minority states on board, that's when all the bogus human rights complaints and attacks on the freedom of speach started to get traction.

Everything the OIC proposes must be ignored because it is a fundamentally fraudulent entitiy.

I am curious to know in how many of these Muslim minority countries it is the Muslims who rule over the Non Muslims. That is certainly the case with Sudan which only has a 50% Muslim population (for now).

Here's the article The Incredible Shrinking OIC

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