Monday, October 11, 2010

Hamas and the Left

I just saw this video on youtube. It's a bunch of Hamas supporters attacking/protesting outside of a place in london where an Isreali diplomat is. They raid a starbucks and steal coffee mugs to use as projectiles.

The clip is by someone called Sovietfilms.

Why are Socialist and other leftist groups supporting so many militant Islamic groups and innitiatives?

I support a free palestinian state but you can't be a leftist humanist and support Hamas, a theocratic totalitarian facist group, when the secular Palestinian Authority is a functioning alternative. You just can't.

I'm very serious. The only difference between Hamas and the spanish facists is the specific religion of those involved. Hamas is part of the far right wing islamist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood helped Hitler in WWII and is pressing for extreme right wing Islamic doctrine to be dominant over secular humanist laws all over the world.

Fatah and the Palestinian Authority spent their lives trying to create a state and Hamas have tried to steal it from them like Lenin and the bolsheviks stole Russia from the original Democratic Russian revolution. (*Yup that's right. The original Russian revolution was democratic. While the democratic Russia was new and weak the communists crushed it then claimed credit for the original revolution)

Leftists, librals, marxists, Socialists, communists, athiests, humanists et all must think of ways we can support a free palestinian state without becoming the dupes of theocratical facists.

These guys at Sovietfilms may or may not know something about marxist ideology but they absolutely know nothing about the extrene right wing islamic ideology they are now supporting.

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