Monday, March 26, 2012

Muhamad Merah, The Butcher of Toulouse, Agrees With Truthiocity. Islam Causes Sadism.

From The Daily Mail 26th of March 2012:

The last testament of a psychopath: Toulouse gunman found 'infinite pleasure' in murdering his victims

Well not quite psychopathic. Psychotic rages, where one loses contact with reality and attacks others, are of the moment and are not pre planned. These attacks, while simple and brutal, were ple planned - so it is innacurate and innapropriate to refer to him as a psychopath.

Sadism is the need to dominate others. The sadist, weather they are a sexual sadist or have Sadistic Personality Disorder achieve pleasure, exitement, and satisfaction from experiencing domination over others. The causing of pain (physical or emortional) and the imposing of restrictions are merely methods to achieve that experience.

In killing the soldiers and the unarmed school children, Mohamed Merah was satisfying his abnormal desire to dominate, his abnormal need to feel dominant over others. His Sadism. He most likely achieved the most pleasure from the killing of the 8 year old schoolgirl as she was the least capable of defending herself from him.

As with schizophrenia, there is little hope for the improvement of sadists.

As to how Islam causes Sadism, see my post below about Islam and Polygamy being contributing factors to the increase of expressions of Sadism amongst Musilm polulations.

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