Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am so smart! I am so smart! I am so smart!

On Thursday Sept 30 2010 I wrote a blog article saying Iran was far more likely to Nuke Saudi Arabia then Israel. And Guess What People- According to Wikileaks, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia thinks so too! BOOYAA! Not only that- He (and the UAE too) have been begging America to attack Iran! BEGGING. AMERICA. TO. ATTACK. IRAN. Muddafudda.

Of course if we did physically attack Iran all those Saudi funded radical mosques and terrorist cells will be baying for the blood of all us evil crusaders. - So fuckum.

Another scrumptious tidbit from Wikileaks shows that WE KNOW the Saudis are STILL funnelling majillions of petrodollars into terror cells, anti American propaganda and radicalization programs all over the world - So fukum sum-more.

Sunni and Shia have had 1300 years to make peace. And they didn't. Saudi Arabia has had 30 years to develop better relations with Iran. And they didn't.

They made their bed. Let them burn in it.

Anyone wanna go halvsies on a wind farm?

Update: Saudi Arabia and The UAE have been begging America to make Isreal attack Iran. So SAUDI ARABIA AND THE UAE GOT ON THEIR KNEES AND BEGGED ISREAL TO SAVE THEM!!! Is that why Stuxnet was unleashed? If that's so then you're a better Gunga Din then I am, Isreal.

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